Recently opened, the hotel offers cheap rates to opt ions for all budgets but above all provide a good alternative accommodation in the area at competitive rates.
Bet Hotel has an excellent location, it is close to the main entrances to scroll through the entire city of Buenos Aires, allowing approach to quickly and easily to all tourist landmarks of the city as major airports.
It is located in Balvanera, tango and arraval neighborhood where you can still admire a great architectural heritage in old buildings and history, some of them famous, through the pages of famous poets. Such is the case of the building at the northwest corner of Corrientes and Pueyrredón, that -many sostienen- Baldomero Fernandez Moreno served as inspiration for his "seventy balconies".

It is an essentially Jewish quarter where the Jewish community has developed all of its business since the early twentieth century. In recent years a large community of Koreans has become part of its idiosyncrasy.

Is the neighborhood of the trade, transportation means to begin or end your tour at the Plaza Miserere, the area of ​​wholesale and occasions, the neighborhood of the crowd, which at peak times seems an anthill. The amount of stalls makes it very different from other models neighborhoods, as it resembles a Persian market, or any a typical American city.

Lots of charm and is fun cross it, of course constant movement that overwhelms and after a few hours you'll want to relax and Beth Hotel find the best option for this.

  • Se ingresa a Bet Hotel desde la Avenida Jujuy a la altura 100
  •   a 10 minutos en auto del CENTRO DE BUENOS AIRES
  •   a 25 minutos del AEROPARQUE J. NEWBERY
  •   a 50 minutos del AEROPUERTO EZEIZA